Women for Technology

Women for Technology

Tamika, is a mother that spent over 20 years in Corporate America, as an Accountant, only to find herself being inspired by her daughter's teen adventures in Technology. She thought, "if I can help and push her to do this, why can't I?"

Tamika like many other women was a  bit intimidated by the male dominated world of Technology. She thought that it was something she could never really find a true place in. One day she took a leap of faith.

Tamika has since left her Corporate life to journey into a major career change in the world of Technology. Tamika now stand as the co-collaborator  on this endeavor to find over 1000 newly engaged Women for Technology. She is also in Data Collection!

We are not complaining. We are not protesting. We are taking action to be the things the world says that we have no vested interest in. We are now vested! We are unifying! We are the majority of the world not the minority. We stand to be the new Feminine Face Of Technology. This is the new side of innovation, the one that we crafted for us and by us.

We have crafted a way to bring women together and support one another, in our efforts to learn more about technology and expand the reach of all women in Technology.

You could say that we are one big sisterhood. You should support us, if you want to be a sister or a man that supports our cause.

Cairo launched this movement because she has a true passion to see people move into the Technology driven future. Women are the beginning for all things in life and because we collectively will breath new life into the world of Technology. She constantly states how the mere conversation

A United Team Of Go-Getters

Women for Technology